Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Batik Stock..

Hi ladies,

These are the new batik stock with gorgeous colors and design for u to choose from..

Interested?? Email or call/sms 013-7732728 for quotation. And remember, the more u buy, the MORE discount u'll get and not to worry as all the prices quoted inclusive of delivery cost!! If u have any budget constraint for this month, u may opt to pay the next month but with the deposit of RM50 for each piece. U'll get the item after full payment has been made. So what are u waiting for?? HURRY UP!! Grab one now!!

Happy shopping!!

SE01 - Sateen

SE02 - Sateen SOLD

SE03 - Sateen

SE04 - Sateen

SE05 - Sateen

SE06 - Sateen

SE07 - Sateen SOLD

SE08 - Sateen

SE09 - Sateen

SE10 - Sateen

SE11 - Creep

SE12 - SateenSOLD

SE13 - Sateen

SE14 - Sateen - SOLD

SE15 - Sateen with swarovski diamond

SE16 - Sateen 

SE17 - Sateen

SE18 - Sateen

SE19 - Top Chiffon + Skirt Sateen

SE20 -Top Chiffon + Skirt Sateen

SE21 - Creep

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